Logitech is claiming a first with the diNovo Mini, which it says provides total control of PC entertainment from your palm.

The diNovo Mini is the company's first palm-sized, cordless mini-keyboard.

It allows users to web surf, operate their TV and DVD player, change tracks on their sound system and play PC games from one device.

Devices are controlled using Bluetooth wireless technology which will operate from up to 30 feet away.

It uses an integrated, dual-purpose ClickPad, which serves as a touch pad (to point, scroll and click) and as a directional pad to navigate menus and make selections.

Logitech adds that the device also includes dedicated Windows Media Center controls, allowing users to adjust volume and play, pause, stop, fast forward and rewind.

There are also Page Up and Page Down buttons to allow people to change channels while watching Internet-based television.

The diNovo Mini is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion batteries, which provides up to a month of battery life

It is expected to be available in the US and Europe from later this month for around £99.99.