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(Pocket-lint) - Smartphones are a problem for drivers. The temptation to dip in and check your messages or send replies to your friends can be too much to resist. Looking to save drivers from that temptation is Logitech's ZeroTouch.

ZeroTouch is designed to transform your car into a connected car, letting you do everything you need to do when driving, and save you from looking down at your phone when you should be keeping your eyes on the road. 

There are two sides to the ZeroTouch system. The first is a smartphone app for Android (there's no iPhone support) and the second part is the mount for your phone. There's a choice of vent mount or dashboard mount, with your phone connecting to the mount magnetically.

There are magnetic pads provided, to either stick to the back of your phone, or slip inside your phone's cover.

Setup is incredibly easy, with the smartphone app walking you through the process with visual and audible instructions. That will get you through the basics of setup, help you mount your phone, connect to the base and make sure you've enabled the right permissions on your phone.

The apps is activated using a gesture - holding your palm in front of the light sensor on the front of your phone will wake ZeroTouch up, after which you can speak to it. 

Through voice you can send messages, place calls, share your location, play your music, navigate and open apps. ZeroTouch will confirm your messages before you send them, as well as read out incoming messages.

In the future email is going to be added to the list, the idea being that your emails could be read to you as you drive to work.

The idea behind ZeroTouch is to keep you informed and connected, but in a way that doesn't require you to touch your phone. While those with new cars might have fancy smartphone compatibility or Android Auto, Logitech ZeroTouch brings essential features to your car for only £49.99 for the vent mount, £59.99 for the dashboard mount. 

Logitech ZeroTouch app is available to download now, the mounts will be available from Carphone Warehouse from early September 2016.

Writing by Chris Hall.