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(Pocket-lint) - Just how clumsy are you? Very, hopes Logitech, because it wants you to buy its Logitech Big Bang iPad Air case to protect your Apple tablet from your kids, your family, heck, yourself.

To do that, Logitech has created a rubberised shock-absorbent protective case called the Logitech Big Bang and features something it calls EPS. Those three letters stand for Essential Protection System and in marketing speak means it is made from "high-performance materials and state-of-the-art engineering to protect your iPad from drops, screen impact, bumps, scratches and spills."

In reality it feels like you are placing your shiny glass and metal iPad into a rather ugly soft bounce friendly rubber outer shell that is then wrapped in a hard rubber protective cover on the back and the front.

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It's not rubber of course, that would be too simple, but the end result means that you'll be able to drop it from a height of 1.4m without any issue; we tried on slate tiles and it's still fine.

The hard front screen cover also means you can drop stuff on it and your screen will be fine too; we tried this as well with a large pepper grinder and a heavy duty tea mug and it's still fine.

Logitech claim the case makes the iPad spill proof, which in reality is a bit of a stretch. That's because the case doesn't actually seal the iPad or clip shut into place with any seals, so while that might be true if you spill your coffee on the non-opening left-hand side of the case, it won't be if you spill the same cup of coffee on the right-hand side.

When you aren't trying to chuck it on the ground, stamp on it, or throw a glass of liquid in its general direction, the stand folds out and comes with four ridges to angle your iPad accordingly. The ridges are deep enough for it to stay in place, as long as you are perched on a smooth surface, but not ideal on your lap or in bed as any movement makes the iPad start to sway; it is dizzying. 

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Overall the Logitech Big Bang does offer some protection, and in our anecdotal drop tests we were happy with the results, but we certainly felt nervous doing it.

It feels a bit of a half way house trying to offer protection, but not going to the full extend that we've seen from Otterbox and Lifeproof in the past.

The Logitech Big Bang is £79.99 for the iPad Air and £69.99 for the iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display.

Writing by Stuart Miles.