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(Pocket-lint) - Logitech has launched a new iPad case for the iPad Air that not only lets you use your iPad in a variety of angles, but also lets you rotate your iPad to view it portrait as well. We slotted in our office iPad Air to see how the new case performed.

The Logitech Turnaround (£44.99) is best described as a protective clutch that magnetically snaps shut allowing you to carry it as is into business meetings without batting any eyelids.

The case itself is made a soft polymer type fabric giving it a nice sheen, but also protective scratch proof outer for protection and so far in using it, it has worked really well.

The best decryption we can give you is it feels like those magic rulers you used to get as a kid that changed to create a moving image when you moved it, only more stylish.

Regardless, you can easily see this in an office environment along with your stack of paperwork as you rush into a weekly conference meeting.

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You could even go as far as saying that once encased in the Turnaround, the Air doesn't look like an iPad anymore, but more a mini laptop, just without the keyboard.

That business like look and feel, which always snaps shut with the aid of a magnet, continues inside the black casing to reveal a softer fold out lip with two grooves for angling your iPad to present from, with a total of four different positions available once you learn the origami like folds.

The iPad itself fits into a snug hard rigid plastic shell with a honeycomb back design, presumably for further bump protection.

Where the Turnaround gets its name is a rotating element in the centre of this iPad casing that allows you to turn the iPad through 90 degrees to be able to work in portrait mode.

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Rotating the iPad is easy to do, as long as you grip the right part of the case to steady it, and the rotating element is sturdy enough to hold the iPad Air in place. In theory you can position the iPad at any point in the turn, although why you would is beyond us. 

Logitech tells us that this will be great for doing video conferencing, but we've found it also useful for reading long form articles on the web, Kindle books, or writing with the addition of a Bluetooth keyboard.

Overall the Turnaround, which is also available for the iPad mini as well, is a nice, if not very businessy, looking case that should offer you plenty of protection against scratches and some protection against bumps and knocks.

Writing by Stuart Miles.