Modular phones are going to be big news when Google releases its Ara. But Logitech has got in on the action early with its case+ that lets users change backs using magnetic mounts.

Logitech's case+ will fit the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S adding a basic case and magnetic rear plate. This system will then be upgradable using extras like power, car mount, kickstand and wallet modules.

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Logitech will be releasing the case+ as a bundle with all four attachments included. The basic unit is a case with a magnetic plate that doubles as extra protection.

Included there's a 2,300mAh battery called +energy, a magnetic mounting system called +tilt, a car mount called +drive, and a card, cash and key holder called +wallet. The "Magnashield" technology means the magnetic strips of cards won't be affected, nor will the phone itself.

Logitech has the case+ available for pre-order now for $200 and should be shipped later this month. We've contacted Logitech about UK availability and will update this story when we hear back.

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