In actual fact, contrary to the title, none of two the products launched by Logitech will help you rest, however the claims of playing and working still stand, so bear with us.

For those looking for a handy portable typing solution for their iPad then Logitech seems to have something which is right up your street; coming in the form of a fold-up Bluetooth keyboard.

Once unravelled to full-sized proportions it holds the tablet in place at what Logitech describes as the "ideal angle for typing and taking notes". It also charges up via USB, so batteries shouldn't be an issue, and wakes itself and powers down when folded and unfolded - all in a bid to reduce power consumption.

The Logitech Joystick is for those wanting to take advantage of the playing half of Logitech's proposition and is described as the "perfect gaming companion for your iPad or iPad 2", though should work with a variety of tablets.

We have to say it has more than a little resemblance to Ten One Design's innovative Fling, which, when  tested, was a firm hit with the Pocket-lint team. The joystick for iPad gives you a thumb-stick style game controller that you can use with just about any game with an on-screen joystick or d-pad. The device attaches to your iPad with suction cups that are easy to apply and easy to remove. And the coiled spring provides force feedback that automatically returns the joystick to the centre position.

Both products will be available at some point during September with the Logitech fold-up keyboard costing £89.99 and the Logitech joystick coming in at around £12.99.