Those puny iPad speakers are good for a bit of portable music playback or gaming audio but don't do much in the volume or quality department. 

Taking your tablet outside or lugging it along to a party usually means music playback is squashed by background audio. Particularly irritating if you want to play a new musical discovery to mates or drive everyone mad by a lengthy rendition of Stairway to Heaven using Garage Band. 

Logitech has cooked up a rather nice £35 solution to the problem in the form of its Tablet Speaker, which clips onto your tablet and connects via a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The speaker itself is USB charged and has an internal battery, meaning you don't get the usual AA battery draining problems found in portable speakers. Expect around 8 hours of battery life depending on what you use the speaker for.

The audio booster is due for launch at the beginning of September.