Back in May we brought you news of Logitech's Tablet Keyboard. And whilst we've seen several tablet QWERTY offerings before, we haven't yet seen a mouse - until now with the release of the Logitech Tablet Mouse.

Designed firmly with Android tablets in mind (so 3.1+) the mouse uses Bluetooth to hook up to your slate and has a laser sensor so it will play nicely on all surfaces bar glass and mirrors.

It has a 10m range, although it's questionable as to why you'd want to operate a tablet from further than about 2m away.

But that's not the big question is it? The real issue is whether a mouse is really needed for a device which is basically one big pretty trackpad.

We suppose that for people looking to utilise their tablet as a workstation, at times, the idea is feasible. And also for neurotic people who can't stand the thought of fingerprints on their tablets.

For those people then, the price of the Logitech Tablet Mouse is $49.99. It's available now.