There a few companies with an eye for an Apple accessory and you'd be hard pressed to say that Logitech wasn't one of them. However, this time the Swiss brand is showing a little love for Android too.

First on the list of a latest three is a keyboard and stand combo known affectionately as the Logitech Tablet Keyboard and it works with both Android and the old and new iPads. That's all doable because rather than plugging in via the dock socket, the keyboard is wireless over Bluetooth instead.

For £49.99, you get a cable-free experience that works with a little stand to prop it up as well as a connection that's good up to 30 feet away - just in case you can see the screen from that distance.

logitech tablet love with android and ipad accessories just for you  image 3

If you'd rather something a little groovier, then it's only iPad 2 users that are in luck with the Logitech Keyboard Case that's made just for them. The deal is that it's both a hard-backed carry case and keyboard in one. It has an aluminium cover with military-grade padding on the inside (from all the padding the army likes to do, of course) and it trebles as a dock stand as well.

That'll cost you £89.99 as well and has had plenty of time poured into getting the keyboard lay out just right. We're hoping that the QWERTY eureka moment wasn't the major part of that.

logitech tablet love with android and ipad accessories just for you  image 2

Last of all is a little something for the audio side of your machine. Yes, we're taking about a speaker and, following the similar theme, Logitech has gone for wireless over Bluetooth. Again, it's good for both Android tablet and iPad - and presumably any other Bluetooth device - and it'll work from over 50 feet away for up to 10 hours. Nay bad at all but it does cost you £89.99 for the privilege.

You can grab any one or all of those from Logitech and all other normal outlets from July.