Logitech Alert, the home security system launched at the tail-end of last year, can now be used with the iPad or iPad 2, thanks to a new version of the accompanying application. Available from iTunes, the app joins those for iPhone and Android smartphones, and allows you to view the feed from your Alert camera directly on the tablet's screen.

Available in indoor and outdoor variations, Logitech Alert is an all-in-one package of HD camera, software, connections, etc, and offers a free link-up to a web browser (or device) from anywhere in the world so that you can view whatever the camera is seeing, or recording, remotely.

Additional cameras can be introduced, and the external version even has a night vision mode to work equally as well in the dark.

The Alert 750i Master System clocks in at £299 in the UK and is intended for use inside, while the Alert 750e Outdoor Master System costs £339 for the camera, software, cabling, bracket and 2GB SD card. Both systems use HomePlug technology, connecting to a computer via your household electrical cabling.

The iPad app, like the Android and iPhone versions, is available now and for free.