With the latest Oscar winners and losers just revealed, LG has unveiled the results of a movie related survey.

The electronics company looked at the most desirable gadgets from films that respondents would like to get their hands on.

Perhaps surprisingly, considering the disastrous results in the movie, almost a quarter of those surveyed chose the magical remote control from the Adam Sandler film "Click" as the most desirable film gadget.

The DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future beat both the Batmobile and James Bond's motor coming in second, jointly tied with the memory eraser from Men in Black.

Here is the list on full:

1. Click remote control (23%)

2. Back to the Future car/M.I.B. memory eraser (16%)

3. James Bond's car (11%)

4. Lightsaber from Star Wars (9%)

5. Batman's Batmobile (8%)

6. James Bond’s watch (with laser-cutting function) (6%)

7. Batman's utility belt (5%)

8. Inspector Gadget's Go-Go gadget arms (4%)