Although the UK PR office for LG has "no information or images on the product" in this latest launch, the web is buzzing with news of a new MP3 player launched by the company that appears to take design cues from their phone range.

Offering a 3-inch, 420 x 240 resolution screen, the T80 has the added bonus of a DVB-T (the mobile TV standard for Europe) tuner.

The player supports "numerous" multimedia formats, including AVI, WAV, MP3 and JPEG and also offers an FM tuner and microphone for voice recording.

Memory capacity comes in at a fairly unimpressive 4GB while battery life is reported to be two hours when watching TV via the in-built tuner and 6 hours for all other features.

So far LG has only announced the Viewty-like T80 in Denmark, where the device costs around 300 euros, a rather steep £250.