LG Electronics has today announced the launch of its first touch screen video MP3 player, the MFFM37 "Touch me".

With the tag-line of "Don't be afraid to touch" it looks like this is a classic case of great product, bad name.

Tiny, shiny - and touchy, this is another stylish and innovative product from LG and we want one. Now.

The interactive, customisable 2.4-inch LCD display claims to provide crystal clear images and is also equipped with LG's exclusive Mobile XD Engine to improve picture quality in areas such as brightness, colour and contrast, for improved resolution.

Quite impressively compact, the LG MFFM37 measures just 51.5mm wide, 90mm long and 9.9mm thick - the average size of a credit card - and has already won a Red Dot Design Award. Clever clogs.

On the tech-spec side of things it all looks adequate - the LG MFFM37 supports MPEG4 video and MP3, WMA, OGG and ASF. It is equipped with either 2GB or 4GB of flash memory, LG are claiming battery life is sufficient for up to three hours of video or 20 hours of music with each charge and it connects via the USB2 port.

LG has been very touchy-feely of late with the Chocolate phone, and more recently the touch-sensitive buttons on their range of Chocolate-inspired plasma TVs. Maybe they need a ickle hwuggle…

The LG MFFM37 will be available in stores from June 2007. Pricing TBC.