LG might be new to the world of satnav but that hasn't stopped it launching yet another new GPS receiver, this time exclusively with Halfords in the UK. The new model features a 7-inch touchscreen and will be called the LG LAN9600R.

LG’s touchscreen LAN9600R consists of a 7-inch in-dash DVD monitor, MP3 player and CD tuner with full European street level navigation and integrated Bluetooth handsfree calling. The unit will also sport a 7-digit postcode search using country specific DVDs.

Daniel Aziz, marketing manager, LG UK comments, “We have designed our products with safety as the key priority and are confident that our new satellite navigation system will assist drivers in getting to their destination safely and efficiently by reducing stress, time and distance travelled. In addition, there are clear environmental benefits as fewer miles are driven due to effective route calculation, and consequently a saving on fuel consumption”.

Other key features comprise the ability to load an entire country onto the unit’s internal memory with no need to reinsert DVD until visiting another country, play CDs, MP3s and DVDs whilst navigating, a front mounted USB input for flash memory devices and MP3 players and a removable front panel for improved security.

The player will cost £999.99.