If you thought pod-based coffee machines were the dream, LG has revealed a pod-based ice cream maker at the South by Southwest conference (SXSW) in Austin Texas and it looks amazing.

The LG Snowwhite is a personal ice cream maker for your kitchen that uses specialised capsules to deliver sorbets, frozen yoghurt, traditional ice cream, gelatos, granita and even frozen custard at the touch of a button. There will also be pods for flavours so if vanilla isn't your bag, there's a chance you'll find salted caramel or chocolate pods instead.

Want the bad news? Unfortunately, LG's Snowwhite is currently just a prototype which really sucks as we'd love a personal ice cream maker in our kitchen, especially one that looks as good as Snowwhite. There's a dial and touchscreen for control and it will clean itself too using a special pod.

If Snowwhite does become a reality, LG told Engadget the device would be able to make one of those fabulous desserts in two to five minutes. 

LG provided no further details about Snowwhite, so we don't know when, or if, this kitchen gadget might come to enrich our lives, but we are certainly keeping our fingers and toes crossed.