Have you ever wanted a Bluetooth keyboard you could roll up and stuff in your pocket (one with five rows of keys instead of four)? Well, LG has you covered.

Last year, LG announced a wireless keyboard product, called Rolly, which does exactly that. It basically folds up along four rows of keys in order to turn into a stick of sorts that can be thrown into a bag or even your pocket, meaning it's ultra portable and perfect for those of you who do typing while on the go.

LG has now updated that product, giving it five rows of keys instead of four. Instead of rolling into a square like the old keyboard, the new keyboard rolls into a pentagon. It's called LG Rolly Keyboard 2. From what we can tell, there are no other differences. It even has two plastic arms that fold out to support a tablet or smartphone in upright mode.

The original Rolly required one single AAA battery, providing three months of life. We're assuming that's the same with LG Rolly 2. Ir costs 129,000 KRW ($112 USD) but is only available in South Korea at the moment.

LG Korealg made a new rolly plastic bluetooth keyboard you can actually roll up image 2