If you fell in love with BB-8's adorable bally cuteness in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then prepare to have your heartstrings tugged: say hello to LG's Rolling Bot. 

The LG Rolling Bot is one of the LG G5's Friends, one of a number of accessories shown off alongside LG's new superphone at Mobile World Congress 2016. But this connected toy is destined for greater things. 

First up, the Rolling Bot is a home robot ball. It's designed to live in your house, connect to your home Wi-Fi network, after which the fun can begin. Once connected, you'll be able to drive the Rolling Bot around your house using the smartphone as a controller. And yes, you can control it wherever in the world you might be. 

The central section of the Rolling Bot carries a camera, so you can see where it's going. That means you'll be able to roll it from room to room while you're away, perhaps to check that the house is ok, spy on the kids, or just to entertain your guests.

But it also contains a speaker and mic, like a security cam, as well as a few special extras, such as (in the words of Dr Evil) frikkin' laser beams.

The laser isn't designed to attack intruders, it's there as a pet toy. The idea is that you can entertain your lonely pussy or pooch when you're away, giving it a laser to chase. Sure, some might see this as tormenting an abandoned animal, and yes, any sizeable dog will probably make a meal of Rolling Bot, but hey, it's a smartphone controlled ball with a laser.

Rolling Bot has other skills too. It can also be deployed to control your TV, we're guessing by using an IR blaster. We've seen a brief demo with LG Rolling Bot and it sure looks like fun.

There's no word on pricing or availability just yet.