In Korea, LG Display has revealed a prototype of a large epaper display with a 19-inch flexible version of the tech. Slightly larger than A3, LG says the applications are "obvious" for broadsheet newspapers. 

The epaper measures in at 0.3mm thick and weighs in at 130 grams. The lightweight flexibility is "a result of using an ultra thin transparent metal foil backing as opposed to glass, allowing durability whilst always referring to its original shape".

We don't think you'll make too many friends on the train toting a device this size, and seeing as newspapers appear capable of rescaling their content for smaller displays, you might do better to hang on for the 11.5-inch production version promised in the next 6 months.

You can read about the new display on a slightly rambling LG UK blog post that manages to tie in polar bears and the YMCA, somehow, and we'll keep you posed on all e-anything news in the meantime.