If you were like us, you probably loved the iPhone 4 sticker that made your phone look like a Leica M9, trouble was, the artist who created it did it as a personal project rather than something you could actually buy.


But wait, luckily the chaps over at PetaPixel have heard your cries and have set about making a similar offering which you can buy and have shipped to your house for the price of a cinema ticket.

Costing $13 with free shipping in the US (they will ship globally) you can turn your Apple phone into a lookalike Leica.

If you're looking to be disappointed, it's not as good as the original, however it's still good enough to impress.

If you really don't like it once you've applied it, PetaPixel say that you can easily remove it without getting your phone all sticky.

Go get it now.