We've seen plenty of cases and plenty of stickers for the iPhone 4 here at Pocket-lint, but none so beautiful as this.

Before we continue, we have to break the bad news, it's currently not for sale. And the creator says he has no plans to sell it either. But, if we pester Flickr user joey_joey_joey enough, maybe we can change that.

You see joey_joey_joey wanted to customize his iPhone, and show his love for the Leica M9 at the same time.

"Originally, I thought all I would have to do was just simply scale the camera to the phone's dimensions, but I soon found out that the phone was actually wider than the rangefinder. This resulted in a very fat looking M9 with a severely distorted lens".

"After thinking it through a bit, I decided that I would need to do some cloning and healing to make the body look a bit normal. Then I proceed to transplant unmodified parts onto this new body".

"I debated a bit on giving it the black logo, but in the end decided to go with the more recognisable red dot. Pretty fun stuff".