Lego's new Star Wars helmets let you keep The Mandalorian's head as a trophy

You can now pre-order The Mandalorian's helmet in Lego form. (image credit: Lego)
Also arriving is the Rogue Five helmet worn by Luke Skywalker. (image credit: Lego)
Finally, the Dark Trooper is also available, if you prefer evil droids. (image credit: Lego)
The helmets look great, and join a range of other options already on the market. (image credit: Lego)
They're a great size, too, big enough to display but not so large they're annoying to position. (image credit: Lego)
They're recommended at 18+ builders, too, since they're a little more complicated than you might think. (image credit: Lego)
You can pre-order the helmets now from Lego, before they release on 1 March 2022. (image credit: Lego)