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(Pocket-lint) - Lego has launched yet another fan-imagined set called The Globe, and it looks exactly like you'd imagine a globe made from Lego would. 

It has a vintage globe design and is build entirely from Lego bricks, 2585 of them to be precise. When fully built it measures 30cm long, 26cm wide and 40cm tall, making it a relatively large build. 

The set combines traditional Lego bricks with internal Technic elements which help create the round globe shape. It spins too, thanks to an axis made from Technic pieces. 

It has glow-in-the-dark tiles featuring names of all the major oceans and continents, so you'll give off a subtle glow in any room where light levels drop. Pls, the base features a 'The Earth' nameplate. And it's customisable, so you can add your own little details if you want to. 

Lego calls it a "relaxing build", suggesting it's not the most technical that's ever been made, but with the number of pieces and the sheer scale, it's still been rated as an 18+ product. 

The Globe is the latest set to come from the Ideas platform that allows fans to create and vote on new build ideas. With enough votes, the sets get made into an official set that goes on sale. Previously launched sets include the Friends Central Perk set, the classic Typewriter and Home Alone house build. 

Lego's The Globe set will be available to buy from 1 February for $199.99, and will cost £174.99 in the UK

Writing by Cam Bunton.