Lego's 2,048-piece Friends Apartments set recreates Joey and Monica's flats

The set features all the "Friends" including a number of accessories from some of the famous episodes. Yes you can put the Turkey on Monica's head. (image credit: Lego)
Besides being able to enjoy Joey and Chandler's apartments, it also comes with the impractically large dog statue, a canoe, and chick and duck. (image credit: Lego)
Meanwhile in Rachel and Monica's apartment, you can relive the episode where the Friends spend way too much time on the balcony looking at the "naked guy". (image credit: Lego)
Yep, the 2048 piece Lego set includes the two armchairs for Joey and Chandler to relax. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The set sees the two apartments side by side separated by the communal hallway. It measures 12-inches (31cm) in length and is 25-inches (64cm) wide. (image credit: Lego)
If you're worried about space you can separate the two apartments. (image credit: Lego)
Like many of the recent "fan" sets, this Lego Friends set is designed to be enjoyed by adults rather than kids. (image credit: Lego)
There are plenty of references to many of the classic episodes, and the props to go with them. It's definitely one for super fans. (image credit: Lego)
Following the hugely popular LEGO Ideas Central Perk set, which was released in 2019, the LEGO Friends Apartments set is complete with iconic features and props (image credit: Lego)
According to Lego - they worked directly from production photos of the set as well as watching lots of episodes to capture as many iconic moments as possible. (image credit: Lego)
The Friends Apartments set is available exclusively for Lego VIP members from 19 May and for everyone else from 1 June. It costs €149.99 / $149.99 / £134.99 (image credit: Lego)