If you thought owning an exercise bike meant making your house look messy the Cyclotte Tonio Lamborghini is here to prove you're wrong by actually enhancing your home.

The Cyclotte Tonio was already available in black but this is the first time it's been given the Lambo treatment.

While this sports the Lamborghini name, it's not the same company as the car manufacturer. But it looks like it takes the same pride in creating stunning design.

The Cyclotte Tonio Lamborgini focuses on the iconic bull symbol with its shape, built from carbon fibre and steel. The handlebars are adjustable as is the seat making it ideal for all sizes of rider.

The bike is one of a kind, the creators claim, using electromagnetic resistance with epicycloids transmission for the most smooth and responsive ride. Cyclotte describes the workings of the bike: "A concentrated magnetic field is generated using a copper ring which is rotated at a high speed in front of six strength magnets. These magnets can be adjusted, tailoring the bikes resistance level to your bespoke needs."

The black model had an iPad holder released in 2012 which allows the rider to track data and even ride a virtual map route, this is also available with this new version.

The Cyclotte Tonio Lamborghini is available in red or black and can be ordered with iPad holder but starts without from €10,490 which is about £7,695 or $11,500.