Kodak has introduced a new line of portable charging solutions, including a new eco option that's solar-powered.

Device-dependent, the Kodak Solar Charger KS100-C+2 produces enough power to deliver 1.5 charges to a mobile phone, run an iPod or other music player for an additional 33 hours, or capture up to 200 digital camera pictures.

It takes 28 hours of sunlight to fully charge up the charger, so it's handy that it can also charge up via USB - although this takes a not-inconsiderable 14 hours. It goes on sale in September for £34.99.

Kodak's Portable Charger KP100-C+2 is a palm-sized power pack that lets you plug in any USB-chargeable device with the claim to provide up to 40 more hours of run time, two mobile phone recharges, or up to 400 digital camera pictures. Again available in September, pricing is £19.99.

Lastly, the Kodak Mini Charger K630E C+2 HC and the Kodak Mini Charger K630 C+2 LC are "budget friendly" general purpose mini battery chargers complete with two AA batteries that are due this month for £9.99 and £8.99.