Kodak has launched new EasyShare digital frames, the new D830 and D1030, 8-inch and 10-inch models respectively.

However, rather than just offer another photo frame into the market, the two new models will be able to be removed from the frame so you can put it in your own frame to match your decor.

With just 512MB of internal memory, the frames offer both memory card and USB slots and a "Quick Touch Border" that claims to enable easy scrolling through photos and picture editing.

The frames won't however offer wireless connectivity.

Features include a "dynamic collage mode" that displays several pictures at the same time, as well as the option to display an image alongside a clock or calendar.

Eco-wise, Kodak is highlighting the mercury-free displays and the fact that the gadgets offer programmable on/off settings to control power consumption.

Both models will go on sale in September with the D830 from £119.99 and the D1030 due to cost £169.99.