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(Pocket-lint) - Are you a worried parent? Do you wish you could monitor your baby's every movement all from your smartphone? Do you love technology? Good now that we've got all those boxes ticked you'll be wanting the Mimo baby monitor, a technologically advanced baby onesie. 

That's right, the internet of things includes your day-old baby. 

The idea is this, you connect your child to your internet through a digitally capable onesie - don't worry, the digital bit can be removed for washing - and then monitor their movement and breathing through an app for your iPhone or Android smartphone. 

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The sensor is actually a little turtle, and it when connected to the onesie can monitor your baby's breathing, temperature and motion so you can sit downstairs not worrying every two seconds. 

Where the Mimo Baby monitor goes one step further is that an algorithm can work out when your baby is about to fall sleep and when you are sleeping so you don't have to try to peak in around the bedroom door and wake them up. 

For even more anxious parents the company is working on an intelligent coffee cup that allows you to transmit the information from the app to the side of the cup so you can see your baby breathing while you drink a brew. Too much?

The starter kit which comes with three onesies, the sensor and a Wi-Fi lilypad you connect to your router, will cost $199 (£120) in the US.

Writing by Stuart Miles.