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(Pocket-lint) - Ikea has a launched a new $40 wireless charger, except this one is a little different to your usual charging stands and bases. Rather than sit on top of your desk or table, it sits under it and can deliver charge through to the top surface. 

It's called the Sjömärke and - in operation - is a pretty simple affair. You simply screw it (or tape it) to the underside of your desk, and then plug it into a power source. 

Once switched on, you just place your wireless charging product (smartphone/earphones) above it on your desk, and like magic, it feels like you're desk is charging your phone. 

In order to make sure you're lining up your phone or earbuds case in the correct position, Ikea even includes an 'X' sticker that you stick on to your desk to indicate where the charging sweet spot is. 

There are - of course - some restrictions. For instance, if your desk is made of materials that might block the signal - like metal - it won't work. 

However, if you have a wood/plastic desk that's at least 8mm thick, it will work. You also need to make sure your desk isn't too thick. Anything over 22.2mm is too much for the power to be delivered. 

Sadly, for those hoping for speedy fast charging, it only delivers around 5W of power. That means it's a fairly slow affair. But for those worried about safety and temperature risks, the Sjömärke does have the ability to monitor its power and temperature to ensure it never gets too hot. 

The charger will set you back about $40 if you decide it's something that would be really convenient for you. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 20 September 2021.