HP has created a futuristic concept coffee table that will allow you to share images and information with others from the comfort of your sofa rather like a large web tablet with legs.

The large coffee table design with a touch screen has been designed to complement other media devices in the home and will allow users to view information without having to rely on the television as the main point of call. Users will be able to interact with the “Misto” table by grabbing images or content and moving them around just as you would if you were sorting papers on a table or desk.

HP hopes that the concept, which was shown to over 300 journalists at its annual HP Labs event in Tenerife, will bring the family together as they share information around the coffee table rather than just viewing it on a television screen.

However HP do admit its still early days with plenty of issues still to be resolved such as what you do with your coffee cup and making it strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

Applications demoed to the crowd included sharing and manipulating photo albums, playing interactive games, using Google's satellite maps service as an interactive atlas and even turning the display into a temporary fish tank.

“The greatest killer app ever invented is another human being.” Said Frank Cloutier
IPG CTO, HP “Having joyful, surprising experiences with people just like yourself. That's entertainment.”