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(Pocket-lint) - Hewlett-Packard's next move is the 3D printer market, and it has two strategies to help it capture sales.

Meg Whitman, CEO of HP, said the company will up the speed and quality of 3D printing, while speaking at the HP shareholder conference on Wednesday.

“We believe we have solved both these problems and we’ll be making a big technology announcement in June around how we are going to approach this,” Whitman said.

It doesn't sound like HP will make the 3D printing products available in June. Instead, it will take the time to detail what it's been working on for the bustling 3D printing market.

3D printers have had a reputation for being pricey, being a new technology that's been primarily aimed at the enterprise. According to Whitman in October, HP wants to bring the technology to people at a lower price point.

HP has held a strong lead in legacy printing products, with a marketshare of 41 per cent, so it makes a bit of sense for the 3D printer market to be its next move. 

Makerbot is one of the better known 3D printing companies, making its consumer Digitizer model available for $1400/£1,190 - one of the cheaper prices on the market. Whitman didn't provide any specifics on the design of its 3D printing products.

Research firm IDC detailed in a research note that the 3D printing market will increase 67 percent in 2014 from 2013. It believes the technology has move “well beyond adopters and hobbyists."

HP won't jump into the consumer side of 3D printing too fast, however. Whitman said HP will “focus on business side before we get to the consumer side. We think the bigger market will be in enterprise space.”

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 20 March 2014.