Pocket-lint was lucky enough to finish CES 2006 in Las Vegas with a date with Honda's robot ASIMO in the Robot's first appearance at the show.

Standing for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility the robot is the world's most advanced humanoid robot, with the ability to climb stairs, walk forward and backward, turn smoothly without pausing, and maintain balance, even while walking on uneven slopes and surfaces.

Developed over the last 9 years, ASIMO has been designed with the purpose of someday helping people in need.

“Developing capabilities that allow the robot to traverse uneven surfaces like walking up a slope was a difficult but essential step on the road to making ASIMO function effectively in real-world environments”, said Stephen Keeney, ASIMO North American project leader. “We're continually advancing humanoid robotics technology, believing that one day ASIMO will be a helper to people in need”.

After ASIMO did his stuff on stage, Pocket-lint was invited to have a chat with the robot, but due to him not having a mouth, the interview was pretty short.

Still he was happy to pose for a photo shoot.