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(Pocket-lint) - A world where we all own robot personal assistants, which act kind of like Rosie from the Jetsons, is slightly more realistic today, thanks to the latest version of ASIMO from Honda.

Honda has introduced in Belgium a new-and-improved ASIMO. It's a humanoid robot that the Japanese company has been developing for more than a decade. ASIMO stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, and Honda has long said it hopes the technology will someday help people in need.

The actual robot has undergone several revisions and updates since making its European debut in 2003, but now it has incorporated even more technological advancements that make the new ASIMO's predecessors seem dated.

A few examples include enhanced intelligence and hand dexterity as well as the ability to run faster, hop, and jump more smoothly, run backward, and effortlessly climb and descend stairs. ASIMO's hand dexterity makes the robot better at opening a bottle, pouring a drink, and even expressing sign language.

As for those enhance intelligence capabilities, ASIMO can recognise the faces and voices of multiple people speaking simultaneously. According to Honda, the robot can also "stop its current action and change its behaviour to accommodate the intention of the other party".

In other words, ASIMO can accurately predict what you'll do next. For instance, it can figure out the direction a person will walk and instantly take a different path to avoid running into that person. Amazing, right?

honda s latest asimo robot can now run 5 6 mph and even predict your behaviour image 3

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Other physical feats range from running 5.6 miles per hour and hopping on one leg continuously to holding a soft paper cup without crumpling it and performing sign language in both Japanese and American.

"The advancements take Honda another step closer to creating a robot for practical use in the home environment," explained Honda in a press release. "ASIMO features a number of new capabilities that have resulted from Honda pursuing research into robots with decision-making capabilities."

To complement the debut of Honda's all-new ASIMO, the company has introduced UNI-CUB β in beta. It's a personal mobility device that features Honda‘s omni-directional driving wheel system and balance control technology cropped from ASIMO research.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 16 July 2014.