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(Pocket-lint) - We all know that routines in the morning can help you set your day on the right track. This is no more so than with kids right before school. There's so much to remember and without a solid plan, something will go astray. Google has set its sights on helping with this. You can already set routines with Google Assistant, but now it's grown to incorporate more family-friendly features, specifically to help with kid's school routines.

First up, Google is allowing its Family Bell is going to be available for phones. It's previously only been available for smart devices like speakers, but it's expanding its use so that anyone with a smartphone will be able to use it. Along with this, there is now a checklist feature that helps your make sure nothing is forgotten about in the morning or throughout the day. It's got a nice, friendly look to it too, and should appeal to families, because checklists can be quite dull in their own right.

So, you can add things onto that list like, 'make the bed, 'brush your teeth', or 'feed the dog'. Basically, it gives kids the responsibility of getting their mornings in order, which no doubt helps parents with their on in turn.

Google is not just offering checklists for its back to school routine update. Probably the coolest features are the actual educational ones. The interactional periodic table is far better than anything you'd get on the wall of a classroom. And there's going to be more like this. It's just a great additional tool to help kids enjoy the learning process.

Writing by Claudio Rebuzzi. Originally published on 12 August 2021.