(Pocket-lint) - Levi's Sherpa-lined denim Trucker jacket is everywhere, but perhaps the next time you see someone wearing it, it'll actually be a Jacquard jacket.

Everyone from Shia Lebouf (on the streets) to Michael B Jordan (in Black Panther) has been spotted with Levi's coat on their backs. And we suspect, that after reading this article, you'll see it next time you're out and about or watching a movie. It's been "in" for a couple of years now, and maybe that's why Levi's decided to team up with Google to produce a smart version of the jacket.

Jacquard is Google's wearable technology for clothing, designed to give you control of your phone without having to actually touch it. With this Jacquard edition of the jacket, you can use gestures like swiping and tapping to issue commands. With a quick gesture on the cuff, you can take a picture with your camera or ask Google Assistant a question or respond to calls and texts.


It works through the Jacquard Tag, which wirelessly connects a Levi's Trucker jacket to your smartphone in order to serve up helpful alerts. For instance, you can get a notification when you’ve left your phone behind - via lights on the tag and vibrations in the cuff to get your attention.

The best part is Google's technology complies with Levi's existing care instructions, so you can treat your Jacquard jacket like any other denim coat. If any of this interests you, it starts at $198 on Levi's website. There are four styles to choose from, including non-Sherpa-lined ones.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.