(Pocket-lint) - There is, finally, a second item available made with Google's Project Jacquard technology. But it isn't exactly cheap.

The company’s touch-sensitive fabric technology has been added to the Cit-E smart backpack, made in collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent. It features a touch-sensitive shoulder strap for controlling a connected smartphone, as well as a removable dongle that stores the battery and hardware. The bag itself has a nylon shell and canvas lining with a few internal pockets.

You must download the Jacquard app to pair the Cit-E backpack with your phone, and then you'll be able to use four gestures on the left shoulder strap - swipe up, swipe down, double-tap, and covering it up - to control music, messaging, directions, and even alerts via vibrations. Keep in mind this is the second Jacquard-powered product to launch, following the Levi’s smart jacket.


At Google I/O 2016, Google introduced Project Jacquard and said it was working with partners to make smart clothing. The project basically consists of conductive fabric that can be woven into a garment, enabling the garment to become a display of sorts. It's interactive enough to detect touch, pressure, and a hand's position. It can also be multi-touch sensitive, like a touchscreen.

Yves Saint Laurent is selling its Jacquard-powered backpack for €795, or roughly $877. If you are willing to pay that sort of money for a smart bag to carry your books and gadgets, the Cit-E backpack is available to preorder from Yves Saint Laurent’s site now. It will ship by 15 October.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.