A visual history of decades of space exploration

In order to celebrate 60 years of NASA, the Google Arts & Culture Lab created a vast visual archive of some of the best images captured by NASA. (image credit: NASA)
This incredible photo shows the space shuttle Columbia catching a ride on the back of a Boeing 747 aircraft as it makes a 2,400-mile journey from California.  (image credit: NASA)
The X-38 is a crew return vehicle designed for the International Space Station and this kind of test flights ensure the craft is safe and ready for its job.  (image credit: NASA)
This shot shows the space shuttle Atlantis in 2010 during a resupply mission. (image credit: NASA)
In 1992, the Galileo spacecraft took this image of Earth and the Moon from around 3.9 million miles away. (image credit: NASA)
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft captured high-resolution enhanced colour images of Pluto in 2015 as it passed by the planet. (image credit: NASA)
An incredible view of the Space Shuttle Atlantis launching off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 2009. (image credit: NASA)
A spectacular view of the Aurora Borealis taken over Canada in 2017 by the occupants of the International Space Station.  (image credit: NASA)
This colourful view of Mercury was crafted by NASA using images captured by the MESSENGER spacecraft. (image credit: NASA)
Astronauts obviously have to do a lot of training and test flights as part of their role. This image was taken during one such mission.  (image credit: NASA/Willie McCool)
In 2016 NASA's Juno spacecraft entered Jupiter's orbit. Its mission was supposed to end this year but has now been extended to 2025.  (image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Gerald Eichstadt/Sean Doran)
This satellite that was put into stationary orbit in 1991 to allow for almost uninterrupted communications between Earth and orbiting shuttles and more. (image credit: NASA)
This tool uses electrolysis to produce oxygen by splitting water molecules using water from elsewhere in the station. (image credit: NASA)
Here Astronaut Mark C. Lee is seen photographing worn insulation on the Hubble Space Telescope before work can be carried out. (image credit: NASA/JSC)
This shot shows Extravehicular Activities happening at 356 nautical miles above the Earth. With the west coast of Australia forming the superb backdrop.  (image credit: NASA)
This simple view shows a rocket lifting off to take supplies and equipment to the International Space Station.  (image credit: NASA)
This image is actually an artist's concept and shows a distant planet where two suns set instead of just one. The views here must be incredible.  (image credit: NASA)
Astronauts are seen here underwater using the Weightless Environment Training Facility to practice for the mission repairing the Hubble Space Telescope.  (image credit: NASA/JSC)
In 1966, frogmen are seen taking part in a recovery exercise as practice for recovering command modules that have returned to Earth. (image credit: NASA)
NASA is testing before launching an unmanned test flight to the Moon later this year. Artemis I as it is known is massive and will one day take man to the Moon. (image credit: NASA/AUBREY GEMIGNANI)