Google is developing a standalone HoloLens-like headset.

The company is reportedly making a new headset that will use Qualcomm chips, and it will be built by Taiwanese computer maker Quanta, according to WinFuture. The project, which is internally called Google A65, is still in the early stages. It's said to be more like HoloLens, too, which is Microsoft's two-year-old mixed reality headset, but Google's won't need to be tethered to a secondary device.

It's a self-contained headset that features cameras and microphones. Mind you, Google is no stranger to making headsets, especially augmented reality headsets, since it was one of the first companies to explore the space, with the release of Google Glass. Although the consumer version was eventually canned, an enterprise version released last year. It's essentially a smart heads-up display with a camera.

Google Glass can overlay augmented reality effects on the real world around you, while HoloLens blends virtual objects into your world, making them appear a part of it, not just overlaid on top. HoloLens is also due for an update, where it'll get Qualcomm QSC603 four-core chips that are based on ARM architecture. These are the same chips reportedly being used in Google's upcoming A65 headset.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more.