Google has confirmed that it will be offering more advanced privacy settings that keep search history private.

Speaking at the Code Conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke about the new settings, among other Nexus upgrades, which would allow users to select an "off the record" mode.

This mode applies to Google voice search, it seems, specifically useful for Google Home gadgets. But Pichai also spoke of tighter privacy controls in general. He mentioned a situation where users would be able to tell Google to forget the last four hours of search activity, for example.

Pichai also spoke about Google's greater control over Nexus development in the future. Devices being made will have more features added to them by the Google team. While the hardware will still be manufacturer by third parties it sounds like the guidelines from Google will be more informative. In Pichai's word's the company will be more "opinionated" about design.

Hopefully we'll start to see some of these new features appear in the not too distant future. For now check out the full conversation that Pichai had at the Code conference event in the below video.

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