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(Pocket-lint) - Google Project Aura, not to be mistaken for modular phone Project Ara, has been revealed.

The project follows up from Google Glass and continues to focus on the wearable world. But it's not just working on screen-based wearables that communicate with the eyes. Aura aims to improve audio communications.

The project will likely result in two products, one aimed at consumers and another that targets corporate customers.

We've collated everything there is to know so far and will be keeping this hub updated as more develops.

Google Project Aura is in many parts

At the moment reports suggest Google is working on three headsets that will probably be consolidated into two.

The first is a new version of Google Glass, dubbed Enterprise Edition. This should work as a clip-on, foldable, waterproof device with a larger display and two-hour battery life, aimed at corporate customers. This is likely to attach to glasses rather than be its own pair. It should be aimed at healthcare, manufacturing and energy industries claims WSJ. This should be available mid-2016 at the earliest.

The second has no screen but uses bone conduction speakers to communicate with the wearer. This will be aimed at consumers – specifically sports users. This is where the three devices become two as reports suggest a separate sports model may end up being the only version released.

Google has reportedly been working on the project since June 2015.

Google Project Aura uses bone conduction

When Google Glass arrived it impressed by utilising bone conduction audio. This meant nothing needed to be placed inside the ear. The result was a more comfortable headset as well as great situational awareness through still being able to hear.

The team working on Project Aura wants to also use bone conduction technology. This is conduction of audio to the inner each through the vibration of bone in the skull.

Google Project Aura won't arrive until perfect

While Google Glass was released in stages to developers and ultimately didn't make it to the mass market as a success, Aura will wait.

The new project boss says the product will be perfect before being revealed. This is Tony Fadell, ex-Apple employee who invented the Nest smart thermostat. He says the new Glass model will be re-designed from scratch.

Google Project Aura should arrive in 2016

According to reports Google plans to release its new wearable devices around mid-2016. Of course if they're not ready by then it's likely the wait will be longer, as opposed to releasing an early developer edition.

A product has already appeared on the FCC website meaning it's being prepared for sale already, so that mid-2016 date seems likely.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.