The future of smart clothing is about to get a jumpstart from Google. Project Jacquard is the latest idea from the big G which aims to turn clothes into touch controls.

Jacquard has created a material that is woven, which is touch sensitive. This could have you pausing and skipping tracks on your phone with a swipe of your sleeve.

From the same Google team that created the Project Ara modular phone and the Project Tango depth-scanning tablet comes Jacquard. So far this touch sensitive material has only been teased, but Google is expected to give more details from its I/O developer conference today.

What we know so far is that Google uses conductive yarn which it can weave into a material. To look at, feel and touch, it appears to be like any normal material. But as you can see from the picture it's intelligently able to detect touch.

If this were on your jeans or a t-shirt it would need to connect to your smartphone before you're tapping away on your lap to control it. This will likely mean some sort of battery and Wi-Fi module is also needed for connectivity. It's already confirmed to work via low-power Wi-Fi.

Check back in a few hours to hear the full details once announced from Google I/O.

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