Google is showing off talking shoes at the South by Southwest conference in Austin this week -  a fun, wacky, and impractical new concept. 

Google, YesYesNo, ad agency 72andSunny, and Adidas have partnered to attach a small computer to two Adidas tennis shoes. An accelerometer, a gyroscope, Bluetooth, and other off the shelf technologies are embedded to post activity to Google+ and shout out words from a speaker. 

Given there's an advertising company on board with the project, the talking shoe could make for quite the audible advertiser. Its founder told AllThingsD that the talking shoe is an experiment in the advertising space. 

"By connecting a pair of sneakers to the web, we’re creating unique opportunities between physical objects and digitat ad spaces. Every move the user makes generates data that’s captured using an accelerometer, gyroscope and pressure sensors," the project's website stated.

"That data then gets pushed to a web app on your mobile phone and translated in real-time into funny and motivating commentary."

Will this ever come to market? Probably not soon, or even in this form. Rather, this seemed to be a fun collaboration to show off at South by Southwest, a conference where many tech-focused investors and pundits are gathering. 

Google is already deep into the wearable technology game with its Google Glass project, stemmed from its Google X laboratory for forward thinking. The glasses provide a Google-connected world to the user, right in front of their eyes. It's expected to ship later this year.

Could other wearable technologies be in the pipeline?