The Raspberry Pi  - a tiny, inexpensive, Linux-based computer designed to teach kids and adults programming techniques - is to get a port of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

One of the project's team has been working on getting the open source operating system to work on the credit card-sized computer for a while and has almost finished. As the official Raspberry Pi blog states, hardware-accelerated graphics and video are already up and running, all that's left to implement is AudioFlinger support (ie, sound).

ice cream sandwich coming to raspberry pi image 3

When this is added, there will be great potential for the Raspberry Pi to be used as an Android-based media centre and games console. Certainly, the video capabilities could be interesting, although it is worth remembering that the Pi only has a 700MHz ARM single core processor, which puts it firmly into the realms of the lower end of Android handsets in terms of power and speed.

It does have a HDMI output, though, and an SD card slot, so they could be utilised to hook up to a TV and memory capacity respectively. And at $25 a computer, it could well be worth a punt when the team finishes its ICS build.