Garmin has introduced the next evolution of the nüvi 200 series.

The new affordable nüvi 205 models offer a fast satellite fix, simple user interface, Navteq mapping, elevated shaded base-maps, Cyclops safety camera alerts, traffic, photo navigation and safety features giving the exact locations of where you are, along with location of the nearest hospital, police and fuel stations and contact details for breakdown recovery services.

Also worth a mention - each nüvi 205 comes standard with the Garmin "Where am I?" safety feature and breakdown and recovery services across Europe.

If you add the optional traffic receiver, each nüvi 205 can display up to the minute traffic information to help with journey times and traffic avoidance.

And users can also get access to Garmin's Connect Photos website and choose from millions of geo-located photos provided by Google’s Panoramio photo sharing community to download.

Garmin adds that it has imrpoved the satellite reception on the new machines with the HotFixTM feature which "automatically calculates and stores critical satellite information and can use that information to quickly locate satellites to get the first GPS fix".

The nüvi 205 models will be available with either a 4.3- or 3.5-inch screen and prices start at £139.