A new satnav tour guide that alerts motorists to Britain's greatest historical sites as they drive near them has launched.

Invented by history buff Daniel Taylor, the RoadTour software works with Garmin equipment to trigger audio commentary and pictures of 600 key attractions, including castles, stately homes and battlefields.

The software responds to satellite prompts as cars approach places of historical interest throughout the UK, delivering information narrated by a female voice through the satnav.

The claim is that motorists will no longer remain oblivious to the cultural treasures around them as they cruise along Britain's roads.

"Restoring our knowledge and understanding of the history of this amazing country is what this product is about", said Daniel, managing director of RoadTour.

"A friendly reminder, which tempts us into exploring our heritage as we're driving up the M40 or wherever, seems to me to be altogether a good thing."

Once loaded onto Garmin satnav equipment, the software package features a total of 600 sites in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Each has an average 90 seconds of commentary, researched and written by a team of 12 amateur historians.

There's at least one picture of each place, plus opening times and prices where relevant.

The RoadTour Heritage software is compatible with Garmin satellite navigation equipment, is available to download from www.roadtour.co.uk and retails for £19.95.