I'm not the first to say this, and the way manufacturers are churning out pink crud, I won't be the last - but I


pink gadgets.

Why, why, why must consumer electronics companies, especially phone manufacturers, insist on issuing a gadget with a pink paint job and assuming women will forgo their shoe allowance for the month (or whatever else it is they suppose we're spending our pennies on) to buy it?

I can only assume the decisions to create this endless stream of rose-hued gadgetry must be coming from dull, middle-aged company men with no imagination who can see no other way to appeal to their crucial, and growing, female audience.

One recent pink atrocity that springs to mind was committed by GPS-manufacturer Garmin, who has offered two versions of product from their Nuvi range in "candy" and "powder" pink - complete with cute press pics showing "Pink Street" as the screenshot destination. Puhlease.

I'm not against offering gadgetry in a choice of colours - I think it's fab that consumer electronics are now seen as fun products that can be offered in a range of rainbow colours.

And yes, pink could be one of the colours on offer, but all women are not caricatures with carbon-copy tastes who love pink, and anyone who assumes otherwise is sexist, unimaginative and short-sighted.