Garmin has announced a new version of the zumo motorcycle navigator, the zumo 400. Following on from TomTom's dedicated bike system Garmin's new offering has been designed to be used while wearing gloves.

The new unit features glove-friendly design with left-handed controls and oversized touchscreen buttons. The waterproof (IEC 529 IPX-7 standards) device is preloaded with regional map data (UK and Ireland if bought in the UK). It includes an extensive and detailed points of interest database – including hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, ATMs, and attractions. In addition zumo 400 owners may also enter customised points of interest, such as camping sites or favourite picnic spots.

The zumo is also preloaded with speed camera information. The unit gives clear audio visual alerts when approaching cameras and warns you if you’re going too fast. The database is updated regularly to capture any location changes of fixed and mobile cameras. To ensure accuracy riders can subscribe to download the latest information whenever they want. The service is free for the first 3 months.

The zumo 400 also has many state-of-the-art security features to ensure the safety of the navigator. It includes a locking motorcycle mount with waterproof power and data cable connections. The mount is designed to withstand the severe vibration environment commonly experienced in motorcycle riding.

The zumo also features Garmin Lock, a unique theft prevention system that disables the zumo from performing any functions until the user types in a specific 4-digit PIN or takes the unit to a predetermined secure location. If the user does not know the PIN or secure location, the zumo will be inoperative.

The zumo 400 is expected to be available from March 2007.