The world of hunting is not one that gets paid much attention by the gadget industry, but today the two have met in wonderment over Garmin's Astro GPS Dog Tracking System.

Designed for hunters, the GPS device keeps track of up to 10 dogs, all wearing transmitters. The DC 20 is fit into a lightweight harness that straps around the dogs chest, or in a collar.

Not only does the receiver, the Astro 220, show where the dog is, it shows the precise direction and distance of the dog, and indicates if he's running, sitting, onpoint, or treeing quarry. It also shows a map to indicate where the dig is and where he's been in relation to the hunter; this data can later be downloaded into Google Earth.

It doesn't stop there. The Covey Counter lets hunters mark the location of their quarry and take notes on food plots and tree stands.

When not being used to track dogs, the Astro can be used as a full-featured GPS with optional topo or road maps. It can also calculate area, for land surveying.

The Astro will hit the shelves in June for around $650.