Garmin has released new editions of its mapping for its satnav devices.

The new City Navigator Europe NT version 9 contains more countries than ever before, with 32 nations throughout both Western and Eastern Europe receiving coverage.

Spain is completely mapped, including Andorra, Balearic and Canary Islands. Maps for Eastern Europe have either been added or enhanced in some way.

The Czech Republic has more detail, while major cities in Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are also now covered.

The new version altogether covers 7 million kilometers of roads, and over a million POIs, including tourist attractions, restaurants, and parking information, courtesy of map data provided by Navteq.

City Navigator Europe NT version 9 will be included on all new nüvi and StreetPilot satnavs, while current Garmin customers can receive an update via DVD or SD or microSD for $75 (+ VAT).