Garmin, not content with going after the car navigation market, is now going after the novice pilot market with the introduction of a new model aimed at aviators.

The iQue 3600a is a PalmOS-based PDA that has been designed to sit on an airplane's control yoke, and features a built-in basemap, terrain, obstacle and Jeppesen databases.

In addition, the device features the automotive turn-by-turn navigation capabilities and personal information management (PIM) applications of Garmin's iQue PDA/GPS product line.

Currently the product is only supporting North/South America. With aviation navaids, airports and airspace; navigation arc overlay with configurable data fields; sectional chart-like topographic data; and U.S. obstacles like towers The QueTerrain capability uses the topographic/obstacles database to alert the pilot to potential terrain conflicts along the flight path using pop-up windows. QueNav displays GPS-derived speed, altitude and guidance features in an aircraft panel format.

The QueFlights tool keeps a record of flight time, mileage and start/end point as a digital logbook and interfaces with Garmin's PC-based FlightBook software.

The unit will cost $1099