Pocket-lint.co.uk was able to get a behind the scenes look at a new device being launched by Navman in the next couple of weeks that wasn't even on show at CeBIT. The PiN PocketPC is an all in one solution from Navman.

Primarily a GPS locator rather than a PocketPC, the unit has a built in GPS receiver and ships with 128Mb SD Card although you can of course access and use the unit as a standard PocketPC. Also included in the box is Navman's Smart ST software and the SD card is big enough to store the entire map set for the UK.

According to Navman the unit has come about because of the popularity of its PocketPC software and customers wanting an out of the box solution rather than having to buy a separate Bluetooth GPS receiver. The unit will be available in April/May and be priced under £500.

While Navman is going after the PocketPC market, it seems Garmin is opting for a PalmOS device. The new unit - almost identical to the Navman PiN PocketPC in terms of style, size and deployment (both have a built in GPS locator that flips up on the back of the device) offers users maps of the UK. The main difference however is the Garmin unit lacks an external memory slot for expansion of more maps.